Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ellie is ONE!!

Baby Ellie 080

It’s hard to believe that this precious, little baby is a year.


She was the most easy going baby I’ve had.

Baby Ellie 060

She was the perfect addition to our family(even if daddy really wanted a boy)

Baby Ellie 047

She has brought so much joy and so many smiles to our family.

Baby Ellie 112

Her big sisters absolutely adore her.  They think she is pretty cute!

April 2012 056

She loves our dog, Winston. She enjoys following him around and pulling at his fur. She also loves taking him on walks and will bring us his leash.

May 2012 019


She has become very vocal and will let you know when she wants something.  She is at that fun stage of letting out a high-pitch scream when she isn’t getting what she wants.

Ellie-6 months 082

She loves bananas, hot dogs, yogurt, oatmeal and anything sweet! This girl has the biggest sweet tooth.

Her eyes have changed from blue to a greenish/hazel color.

October 2012 028

She loves her babies. She loves to carry her babies and a blanket. She also loves giving kisses to her baby.


She loves to blow kisses when it’s time to go bye bye.  She gives the BEST hugs and kisses, I can’t get enough!!


She started walking about 3 weeks before her birthday.  She thinks she is big stuff. 


She weighs 18lbs 4oz(25th percentile) and 29 inches long(64th percentile)


She has a small infatuation with my hair, especially when she is tired.


We love you Ellie Belly!!

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Leslie Posey said...

so cute...I wish she and Emma could hang out! It is a very fun age except for the horriffic fits Emma throws on a daily basis.