Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas Eve


We spent Christmas Eve at my parent’s house in Hot Springs. 


The kids acted out the Christmas Nativity again this year.  Ellie was baby Jesus(with earrings and a passie).  Maddy was Mary, and Livy was an Angel.  This is becoming my new favorite Christmas tradition.  Then they all sang “Away in a Manger”, it was so sweet. 


Grandpa gave all the kids a vegetable.  They weren’t impressed until they learned there was money hidden in them! 


I played Santa this year.  All the kids were anxious and excite to open their presents.


Ellie loved her new toy!




We got home from Hot Springs and the girls got ready for Santa to come. They sprinkled Reindeer food outside and got Santa’s cookies and milk ready.


They passed out pretty quick and Santa came.  He filled their stockings and put presents under the tree.


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Andrea said...

Looks like a fun night.